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Choosing a Disaster Recovery Center Location

When preparing a Disaster Recovery Center, one of the most important decisions is the location of the location of the Disaster Recovery Center. Up until the 9/11, a lot of companies held their DR centers in the adjacent building, and right after 9/11, everyone wanted to go as far from the primary data center as possible.

One of the common misconceptions of Disaster Recovery planning is that longer distance ensures better disaster protection. Of course, increasing the distance between data centers reduces the likelihood that the two centers are affected by the same disaster. But just putting distance between locations may not be sufficient protection. In reality, the best distance for a DR location is dictated by a multitude of factors:

Is the Cloud a good solution - these days the buildout of a DR datacenter may be completely redundant and just delay the DR implementation by many months and even years. If you can implement the DR solution in a cloud based service (remote datacenter or…