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Cracking a TrueCrypt Container

This week i tried to open an old TrueCrypt container. It turned out that i had forgotten the password. So I endeavored into the realm cracking the TrueCrypt container. Here are my experiences

The problem
I have a TrueCrypt container in which i hold my personal documents. The container is created with TrueCrypt 6.1a. Since i haven't been using the documents for a while, the password slipped from my mind. I a moment of desperation I tried to crack the password.

The preparation
To automate the process, I used the true.crypt.brute tool in version 1.9b. It is a very straightforward tool to use, but it has one drawback - it tries to crack based only on a pregenerated wordlist. That means that you need to generate your possible passwords list and let it rip.
First, i created a simple encrypted volume with a 2 character password to check the software.

It went through 819 passwords within 45 seconds and decrypted the password. This would mean that the brute force crack would run through aro…