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5 SLA Nonsense Examples - Always Read the Fine Print

I've had the opportunity to review several poor Service Level Agreement (SLA) contracts, which include clauses shielding the provider as if they are an endangered species. These clauses are usually masked under "general clauses" or fancy lingo to possibly go un-noticed.

Here are several examples of texts that a customer should watch out for in a Service Level Agreement:

1. The data protection trick

Sample clause: The provider will protect and not reveal any received or collected information about the buyer, unless it's required by legal authorities during a formal investigation or in case of protection of provider's interestsAnalysis: Although this particular clause may vary from country to country (legal system differences), there is NO LOGICAL ARGUMENT for anyone to reveal your informationfor protection of their interest. 2. The no responsibility trick

Sample clause: The customer will hold harmless and indemnify the provider from all errors, damage or data loss, l…