Do you actually value your privacy?

Many years ago, on a great satire TV show named "Top Lista Nadrealista" - "The Surrealists Top Chart" I watched a sketch named "Do you want to be anonymous".

The sketch presented a TV crew walking through Sarajevo asking random people do they want to be anonymous. 
Everyone on that sketch claimed to want to be anonymous while wilfully giving all kinds of personal information just to be on TV. 

Today I witnessed the same level desire for 'anonymity' by more than 500 people on Linkedin. A user on Linkedin posted the image below, and it got more than 500 responses so far. 

It took some 2 minutes to grab the entire comment thread in a single page and another 5 minutes to make a regex to filter the actual e-mail addresses. 

Why is this important?
It's the year 2014, and with a simple offer of Linkedin contacts, one can collect a very nice amount of high quality e-mail addresses (valid, regularly read addresses) for spamming, phishing, spear phasing etc...

Ask yourself - do you wish to be anonymous, or are you willing to give you privacy away for a minute on TV or a connection on social networks??

Here is an anonymised sample of what can be read.

Contact me for a full list of ANONYMISED addresses if you need them for academic purposes.

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