The STRATFOR Conundrum

It has been a while since the last published article, and we are not going to try to make excuses.
But we are enticed to do a quick note of the developing story of STRATFOR. In summary, Strategic Forecasting (STRATFOR) servers got hacked by a group apparently affiliated with Anonymous. Anonymous have since denied any involvement in the hack.

The attack apparently resulted in more than 200 GB of data being stolen.

The story of the hackers is published on pastebin

The STRATFOR site is currently offline

I can honestly say that I would not want to be in the shoes of the IT guys nor the CEO of STRATFOR.

This incident shows that even guys which do intelligence and security for a living can fail miserably at protecting their information assets.

But what is much more bizarre is the fact that STRATFOR decided to keep a large number of credit card numbers in their databases, thus creating a huge financial problem, which will greatly increase the profile of the incident.

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