Personal data - Publish only what you can afford to get leaked

The security and privacy risks of social networks were the hot topic of many forums and experts for years. And it appears that the worst fears are now materializing - not only someone can troll for your personal data, they can now purchase it!

Myspace is selling data through the reseller InfoChimps. The data that InfoChimps has listed includes 'user playlists, mood updates, mobile updates, photos, vents, reviews, blog posts, names and zipcodes.'

So, for everyone that still has some illusions: On the Internet, you should only post data about yourself that you want distributed, or at least which won't hurt you in any way when they get leaked.

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Pinoy Technology News said...

Social networking, for the unknowing public, can sometimes do more harm than good. Users of social networks should not only be wary of the personal information, which can be sensitive, that they are posting but also be extra careful with applications being shared in these sites.

Tome said...

Keyword - when.

Any data you post, at any point in time in the past 10-15 years, can be retrieved even beyond situations like these (services selling personal data). You can't delete it and you can't unlink the links pointing at you as a person.

You're right that there should be no illusions about this.

Sunmugam Chidambaram said...

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