Compiling the latest Skipfish for Windows

Seeing that skipfish releases are changing twice a day, Shortinfosec is starting a persistent post to publish the latest versions of skipfish compiled for Windows.

Here you'll find the latest compiled versions, as well as a historical trail of the previous versions

In order to run it, just unzip the archive - it contains the cygwin run-time libraries needed for running skipfish. The compiled code is tested on Windows 7 and Windows XP Pro

Download the latest version of skipfish for windows - skipfish 1.29b

Previous versions

Download skipfish 1.26b for windows
Download skipfish 1.25b for windows
Download skipfish 1.22b for windows
Download skipfish 1.18b for windows
Download skipfish 1.13b for windows
Download skipfish 1.11b for windows

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Anonymous said...

I have problem in using this tool . when i want to run it in windows i get this error

[-] SYSTEM ERROR : Unable to access 'assets/index.html' - wrong directory?
Stop location : main(), skipfish.c:382
OS message : No such file or directory

the problem is with / and \
how solve this ?

Bozidar Spirovski said...

Can you post the entire command as you have written it?

Anonymous said...

1. cmd > skipfish.exe
2. cmd > skipfish.exe -o report_outdir

in both case i had problem.
now using version 1.26b and still have problem. thanks for your response ;)

Anonymous said...

have the same problem. pls can you tell me how to fix it? thank you

Andy said...

Thanks for this - I've tried it a couple of times and it's worked great.

The latest version is 2 though so hopefully - fingers crossed - somebody at wonderful will be able to update it to the latest version :)

Anonymous said...

well, i'm not at shortinfosec but i'm compiling skipfish with cygwin since 1.80b. i missed some updates 'cause feed2email didn't notify me about updates of the skipfish feed. the latest build atm. is 2.02b. just take a look at

Sunmugam Chidambaram said...

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