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Security and privacy in cloud computing are hot topics, and everyone has a take on it. Cloud computing providers deliver their levels of security and privacy by their internal policies and procedures, but the rigidity of these policies are strongly influenced by government regulations.

If the country within which a cloud computing provider resides or is registered has lax provisions on privacy, do not expect wonders in the protection of your hosted data - especially since such lax provisions may even be created to allow government agencies to gain access to hosted data.

Forrester research felt the pulse of things by investigating the regulatory frameworks of countries throughout the world. Here is a brief of the results of this research

Country-specific regulations governing privacy and data protection vary greatly. To help you grasp this issue at a high level, Forrester created a privacy heat map that denotes the degree of legal strictness across a range of nations.

You can investigate the map here. To be very sincere, i would like my data to be either in Germany or Argentina. Oh, and USA just got a proverbial slap on the face by being classified in the same category with Colombia, Paraguay and Russian Federation.

The esteemed senators and congressmen in the USA should think hard about moving up the ladder of privacy and data protection if they don't want to be soon classified in the same category as China :)

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rht66 said...

I am not all that surprised about the states, however I was surprised that Argentina was one of the two countries that ranked the highest, and I was even more surprised that there were only two countries that even received such a high ranking. I would have thought that the Swiss and a few other European countries would have higher standards. Actually I was even a little surprised that Germany was the other top ranked nation. I guess things are a lot different than they were when the wall first came down. Anyway, I enjoyed this extremely eye opening report and look forward to many more.


Cronless said...

Actually rht66, 3 ranked the highest (Argentina, Germany and Switzerland) not 2.

I expect a lot of services will be moving to Germany in the near future because of this report and the fact that Germany is the best one of the 3 when it comes to internet infrastructure.

Thanks for posting that.

giangiammy said...


A very interesting overview on security and privacy on the cloud:
what we need is the "control point",
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Sunmugam Chidambaram said...

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