Free VS Commercial Database Vulnerability Scanning

Part of the vulnerability assessment process must include a vulnerability assessment of your databases.
And the sad reality is that while there are thousands of tools that focus on Web application and network security scanning, there are very few of them which are doing the same for databases.
Today we are comparing the results delivered by Scuba by Imperva - a free tool and NGSSQuirreL for SQL by Next Generation Security Software - a commercial tool.

The tools comparison table
Here is a side-by-side comparison of functionality and results of both tools

The results
To provide the most impartial evaluation of the results, we have generated detailed reports of both tools as PFD files. You can review them and assess the quality yourself.

It is evident that the commercial tool beats the free Scuba in every area. But before you jump into a purchase, you need to assess your requirements and expectations.

So it is very advisable to get the free tool, run it in your environment and understand the results, so you can understand what is missing, and extend your search to a better tool

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