HP Racist Webcam - Facial Recognition Far From Perfect

On the 10th of December a tongue-in-cheek demo of a failure of a HP webcam was published on YouTube. The video shows the failure of a software which is designed to recognize the speakers face and react so it is always centered on the face.

The failure is that the software does not recognize a black persons face, while it clearly identifies the white persons face.

In the meantime several other videos appeared that further analyze this situation. It appears that a person with very dark skin is not recognized unless there are perfect lighting conditions, since the camera cannot distinguish between the facial features.

This only adds oil to the fire on the issue of the facial recognition in biometrics IDs. It is now proven that facial recognition can fail miserably on a nice chunk of the world population.

Does this mean that black people should not use biometric ID's. What do you think?

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