Hacking Rapidshare Premium Access at Your Own Risk

A lot of people on the internet have become frustrated by the rapidshare free limitations, and wished that they have a premium account. Well, you actually can have such an account, but it may come at an unexpected cost. Just use a rapidshare premium link generator service.

One of those 'services' is Rapid Premium. To log in just use the public/public credential and go to the download section. In the text box paste the URL of the public access rapidshare link to the file you wish to download. Rapid Premium will use the stolen credentials and create an URL for you that will use a 'borrowed' Rapidshare Premium account.

As a simple test, I logged on to the service from an isolated virtual machine, and downloaded a small text file. The test was performed with a our own file to limit possible malicious code from rapidshare. The file got downloaded faster, and the MD5 hash wasn't changed - so no intrusion from Rapid Premium on thisone.

  • Is it useful? Probably yes.There are a lot of situations when you need a fast download, or the free download slots on rapidshare are full just when you need something.
  • Is it legal? Most probably not. Just as a lot of these services do, this one relies on stolen rapidshare credentials. But it's a bit safer then just obtaining such a credential from black hat forums or IRC channels, since you can always claim plausible deniability.
  • Is it safe? Most Most probably not. Always remember that there is no such thing as free lunch. Services like Rapid Premium are excellent locations for all kinds of hacking attempts at the visitors - browser vulnerabilities, XSS, CSRF or anything else. So before we thinking about 'hacking' rapidshare, just consider is it really that important it really is to get the data a bit earlier

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Kids Digital Cameras said...

Nobody really can get a free premium rapidshare account for long. Just a short while it will get detected and removed.

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Bozidar Spirovski said...

Exactly, however that is the logic behind such services, they are constantly stealing new premium access accounts

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