Shortinfosec is Acquired

Yesterday, after a month of negotiations, G-M Venture Investment Fund purchased the Shortinfosec blog.

The price of the entire deal is $100,000 US.

The blog was purchased in it's entirety, with all text copyright going to G-M Venture, and including the physical assets of Shortinfosec:

  • 3 Backtrack DVDs
  • 3 Helix Forensic CDs
  • 1 Noname Pentium 4 Desktop PC
  • 23 VmWare virtual machines with labs
  • 1 250 GB Truecrypt encrypted Hard drive with lost password
Under the terms and conditions, the purchase amount will be paid in cash, in Zimbabwean dollars. The previous Shortinfosec owners are eagerly awaiting the tanker load of cash to close the deal.

According to G-M official, to minimize the risk of being short in the payment due to the inflation of the Zimbabwean dollar, they have sent three tankers of cash. Whatever is left after the transaction will be used as landfill mass in a nearby harbor.

And ofcourse, Happy April Fools day!!!


Diesel Mitchell said...

Rather than that spare tanker full of Zimbabwian cash going to landfil, could you please ensure it is recycled responsibly by sending it all to me so that I may shred it and use it as bedding for my children's hamsters instead?

In these days of financial uncertainty it pays to invest whole-heartedly in such things!

Shu Fen said...

lol xD

scame said...

Hmmmm,,Zimbabwean dollars?nice trick?;)

Jan said...

ahahahah!! Nice

DeViLnoAnGeL InFo said...

LOL this is some of april fool trick. Nice man you've got me.

Thomas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thomas said...

Yeah right hehe. I did not fall for it either. Or perhaps you are the luckies guy today.

denisejmorris said...

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Anonymous said...

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