Blogtipz Hacked

Today, - a good internet blogging site got hacked. The attack is a simple defacement attack, and the signed culprits are Dr.0rYX|Cr3W-Dz.

Here is a screenshot of the hacked version of the site

With the little information available, the most probable attack vector is a vulnerability in the implemented version of Wordpress. We are including two screenshots of the original (google cached and after the defacement was fixed)

We have submitted the following questions to the editor of Blogtipz

1. Did you get threatened by the hacker teams that hacked the page?
2. How much time did it take for you to recover from the hack?
3. Did you discover the attack vector, and would you share it?
4. Is your Wordpress now patched against such attacks?
5. Any message on your side for the readership?

As soon as response is back, we'll post the response.

Talkback and comments are most welcome

1 comment:

Nintendo Hacking said...

I'm surprised this still happens with wordpress blogs. For how popular the platform is there seems to be a few known leaks.

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