BlogTipz hack - The BlogTipz editor response

We received the reply from the editor of BlogTipz.

From the info, it seems that the hack on BlogTipz is merely a target of opportunity.

The hack method is probably not related to error of WordPress, but the editor of BlogTipz does not reveal the actual attack method.

At any rate, blog masters everywhere need to maintain blog security high on their list of priorities

Here is the reply in full

Yes, I was going to possibly write a post on the blog, because I was not aware of it (it could have been up for 12+ hours). They simply changed the login name and password and injected in a new index (main) page, so it was rather simple to recover (within an hour).

I will be securing WordPress even more form this day forward to prevent it form happening on other sites. I was using a current version of WordPress. The attacker was called "North-Africa Security Team" and appears to be one of the most popular hackers in terms of results (~14 million).

If you need any further information, please inform me. I will be informing readers about this soon.

And, thanks for informing your readers about this.

Talkback and comments are most welcome

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