BackTrack 4 Penetration Test Distro - First Glance

Remote exploit just published the beta of the BackTrack 4 Penetration Testing Live CD.

While the distro looks the same at first glance, it has had a major overhaul under the hood.
Backtrack is moving away from SLAX and this version is based on Ubuntu 8.10.
The backtrack toolset has matured and is full of useful tools which are organized in a meaningful way.

What is still missing from this distro is some functionality available from the past, some refinement and better hardware support for wireless drivers:

First off, the drivers
Although a lot of wireless drivers are supported (Tested with 3 different Intel chips and one Atheros (Cisco)), there is still a very strong issue with Broadcom drivers. The live CD comes loaded with the b43 driver, but it has a lot of issues with the newer Broadcom boards. Unfortunately, the Broadcom STA drivers are not included, and since it's a live CD, there is very little point in downloading and compiling something that will run only for that session. I am thinking of compiling and keeping the compiled drivers on an USB.

Secondly, the missing link
There is currently no easy way to install the Backtrack4 on a physical computer, so we can further modify and include elements. Apart from adding new drivers, i would like to include several tools, like Nessus, which can be downloaded and installed legally by the end user, but not redistributed by Remote Exploit.

Thirdly, the refinement
The audio subsystem of Backtrack is active by default, and set to full loudness. Upon starting the KDE, you are welcomed with a very loud "FINISH HIM!" (probably taken from Mortal Combat). Also, several tools produce a lot of sound effects (Kismet for instance) which is distracting for the user, and also invites curious eyes to your activities. I would suggest that the audio is left deactivated by default, and the user should activate it if and when he chooses.

The Backtrack distro is maturing and becoming the De-Facto penetration testing toolset. There is still work to be done until the final release of Backtrack 4, but we are all rooting for Remote Exploit

You can download the BackTrack 4 Live CD here. Please be patient, the servers tend to go down, probably because of the load.


artofreed said...

I was here and reading your article.
Good info !.

Bozidar Spirovski said...

The distro is so large that it merits a lot of other posts.

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