5 Reasons to Consult Your SysAdmin for New Systems

A lot of organizations isolate system administrators from new system implementations, lead by the premise that their admin teams need to focus on maintenance, and that they may not bring benefit to the implementation, especially when consultants are engaged to implement the entire new system.
But always bear in mind that system admins have very specific insight that any project manager will find useful. 

Here are the 5 reasons why organizations should always include your system admins in all phases of system implementation:
  1. SysAdmins know the infrastructure and the interactions between systems - every corporate IT infrastructure is a complex set of systems, firewalls, security rules and networking connections. The SysAdmin can provide invaluable information about what the new system will communicate to, under which conditions and by which rules - questions that need to be properly answered in any implementation.  
  2. SysAdmins know the utilized capacities of current systems -  introducing a new system is never self-sufficient. The new system will add load to the switching infrastructure, firewalls, can require additional licenses for monitoring systems and possibly database servers. All these prerequisites need to be addressed in a timely manner, so the full implementation does not grind to a halt at the last mile because there are no available ports.
  3. SysAdmins can assist in evaluating required capacity - Based on what is used in the current network, SysAdmins can provide very relevant observation on whether the offered hardware is appropriate in terms of processing power, memory and disk capacity usage.
  4. SysAdmins can provide fresh insight into possible risks in implementation - While the risk analysis is part of the preparation for implementation, SysAdmins can provide good input on possible risks in implementation - they know the users and usage patterns, the client systems and the entire environment. 
  5. SysAdmins need to be in the loop for the new element - The SysAdmins need to know and understand the new element in the infrastructure, so they can prepare to welcome the element - prepare capacity on related systems, read about the product, properly organize day-to-day maintenance tasks for the new system.
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Technology Blog said...

Trust me you wouldn't trust my old sysadmin with a digital camera, god knows how he got that job!

Bozidar Spirovski said...

That is an error on human resource management - not on the general principle. All sysadmins (even if deemed average in capability) are really helpful in system evaluation!

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