ITILv3 Foundations Training - Experiences

Last week I attended the official IT Service Management (ITILv3) Foundations training. The training is a 3 day boot camp, which covers the processes in the following ITILv3 areas

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement
The training is an excellent tutorial for everyone who wish to advance their career into IT management. The topics touch both IT as well as business aspects of IT services. Anyone ever working in implementation or service maintenance (like ISP's or Internal IT) will find himself on familiar ground.
What's new is the excellent structure of the ITIL processes, starting from understanding customers and market needs, via preparing the service and appropriate quality levels, to actual installation, testing and operational maintenance of the service.
Usually, the trainees start relating their expiriences and find the gaps where they could have done things differently.

As I found on the Internet, the list price of the course is substantial (more then 2000 USD), but the knowledge is valuable. There are subsidised courses for those with a lower income, but you need to look for them.
Also, the boot camp usually includes the official certification exam. I would definitely recommend taking the certification.


Mark said...

Certification will boost your credibility and career now day. Competition is tough, I think certification is a must for IT professional. Mark - MCSE, MCTS

AngelaHolt said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information.
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