Information Security and Strategy Carnival - Issue #2

For the second issue of the Information Security and Strategy Carnival, I am pleased to present the following texts:

Paul Wilcox at Security Manor has published a good article on protecting minors that manage their own web portals - the amount of information available for the author and the owner of the domain is significant to say the least. With such information collected, they can become targets for all sorts of criminal acts.
Full story - Parents - Do Your Kids Have Their Own Website?

Rich Maltzman, PMP over at Scope crêpe discusses risk analysis from the point of view of project management in his article
The Big Yellow Taxi of Project Management

Laura Milligan at Bootstrapper discusses productive searching in Google (maybe hacks is unwarranted :))
50+ Google Reader Productivity Hacks

The Leadership in action blog has a great article on changes in an organization
Acknowledging the Pain: Change in an Organization

Last but not least, the WM Media blog discusses the pros of outsourcing your web design
Should You Build Your Own Website or Hire a Designer?
I would like to add a few cons, like the risk of dependency on the designer for all further changes, the risk of cost rise for maintenance, and the risk of the designer stopping or refusing work (for example, found a better job). Is it good to outsource? Yes, but with proper steps to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

The next issue of the Information Security and Strategy Carnival is due on the 1st of July 2008.

Please send submissions by the 25th each month to e-mail:shortinfosec _at_ gmail dot com or submit them through the Blog Carnival Web Portal

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