Information Security and Strategy Carnival - Issue #1

For the first issue of the Information Security and Strategy Carnival, I am happy to present the following texts:

Paul Wilcox at Security Manor has published three great articles on information security and data protection
The Three Things You Need To Protect Against Internet Security Risks

Keeping Children Safe On The Internet

A Brief Look At The Critical Types Of Internet Security Software

Nathan McFeters at ZDnet revisits a very well known but still not sufficiently prevented vulnerability: SQL Injection
Developers at fault? SQL Injection attacks lead to wide-spread compromise of IIS servers

Phil B. at Phil for Humanity writes about interface consistency in products
Google's Problem

Jimson Lee at CRM HELP DESK SOTWARE makes an excellent analysis of
Data Breaches Set Record in 2007, Identity Theft to Increase in 2008

The next issue of the Information Security and Strategy Carnival is due on the 1st of June 2008.

Please send submissions by the 25th each month to e-mail:
shortinfosec _at_ gmail dot com
or submit them through the Blog Carnival Web Portal

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