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I already blogged about the things that make Skype a poor choice for a corporate environment. But, facing reality, the penetration of Skype for the home user is excellent, and a whole lot of persons are quite familiar with the interface and the usage. So, if there is a way to make Skype more corporation friendly, it becomes a very easy tool to be adopted by the employees.
Now there is talk that Skype may be sold

Without knowing what will be the business model of the new possible owner, here is a wish list that will make Skype the killer of all corporate IM applications.

  • Enable autonomous functionality - Effectively, the organization should be able to run skype in an autonomous mode, without contact to outside skype servers. This would probably require integration to Active Directory or some other Directory Service for user authentication.
  • Enable administrator controlled assignment of SuperNodes and RoutingNodes - Each Skype program can become (upon it's own decision) a SuperNode or RoutingNode, and assist in communication between the other Skype systems. This is highly undesirable in a corporate network infrastructure where every bit on the network should be accounted for. A manual assignment or disabling of these roles should be available to the administrator
  • Create possibility to define which user can access which functions - Every service within the Skype service set should be subject to configurable enabling or disabling. This includes video, voice, file transfer, chat and anything other they might think of
  • Create an Audit Log - Create a central audit log of all configuration changes, logon and logoff events, logon errors and chat conversations
  • Throw out the automatic logon check box and disable password saving - NOBODY should log on automatically. In a corporate environment, all systems should prevent forgetful employees from logging on automatically to anything - including the communication package.
  • Create Controlled access to internet Skype - Create the ability to establish communication and make/receive calls to users of the standard Skype, but through a definable and controlled gateway and only to users for which this function is approved and enabled by an administrator

To the new owners of Skype: If need be, set a price for this product, but please consider the currently untapped possibilities of the world where Microsoft Live Communication Server (LCS) rules.

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