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  1. We accept submissions for articles by other bloggers, as long as they are connected to the topics of information security or information technology.
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  5. Every submission will be reviewed prior to publication, and any offending elements to this policy will be edited out.
  6. We reserve the right to add images and modify the paragraph structure to approach the style of the blog more closely


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Content and Privacy Policy

Content Policy

  • All tutorials, solutions and opinions stated on the blog should be credited only to the author, and do not reflect the position nor are in relation to the author's employer.
  • All examples and scenarios, unless referring to publicly available information are of fictional nature and have no intention to be related real situations in any company.
  • All personal information and names presented on this site, unless referring to publicly available information are of fictional nature and cannot to be related real persons.
  • All tutorials, solutions and opinions are of an informative purpose and should be used as a guideline only. Specific implementation level solutions must be prepared per individual case.
  • Any sponsored articles will be clearly marked with the name of the sponsor. When writing sponsored articles, we reserve the full right to publish objective opinions and/or reviews, including identification of poor performance or negative issues encountered during the writing of the article.

Privacy Policy
This site does not collect any information from a visitors' computer other then the following:
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  • This site does not collect personal information and does not require user registration.
  • Any personal or contact information submitted by the visitor to the site's owner via the contact e-mail address will be used only in mutual communication and for a periodic newsletter with opt-out option.
  • Personal or contact information will not be sold, transferred or used for commercial promotion.
  • The comments are publicly accessible - Any personal or contact information submitted by the visitor on the a comments page is not protected by the owner of this site.

Information Security Posts

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